The school needs to change

The project stems from the need EDUCATIONALAB that the Italian school is now experiencing a time of great transformation. Many are the voices that rise and that they may ask for a thorough modernization, a redefinition of its role within the current social context, a review of its proposed teaching – educational. The same world of education (teachers, students, parents) Considers it essential that combines its radical reorganization of the training effectiveness and functionality within the system.

The school needs to change, can no longer act as a static reference point in front of the fluidity of the new generations and their way of approaching knowledge. Social Learning, Knowledge Management, Cooperative Group Work, Management semantic information, are now indispensable tools that reflect the mode of interaction of the students and that in itself presupposes a mode of transmission and acquisition of knowledge and knowledge completely different: furniture, shared, horizontal and interactive.

The teacher becomes the Trade Union of the students with each other and with the classroom. It extends the time school. It extends the Place School. Both the teacher and the student can access the content locally or remotely.

This whole concept of our school is merged into the project and platform and learning and the method Educationalab. A laboratory of ideas that has led our company to carry out a project in which live harmoniously all the different requirements that the school is called to respond.

Educationalab The platform allows the teacher and students to share.

Text books become multimedia, interactive, editable, students interact with the text individually or in cooperative group work, the teacher becomes the director of all the possible interaction within the class, because this Educationalab is able to provide a learning method, a methodology which must necessarily be at the base of all, in order not to leave the pupils just before the instruments or the professor just before a multiplicity of possibilities without knowing which should be the behavior to be implemented in order to allow the creating an environment conducive to learning.

The objectives Educationalab that arises is to exceed the limit, current, that the introduction of new tools in the world of education met and that is to not be able to get a real interaction between the environment and pupils and between pupils and tools .

Our project, EDUCATIONALAB, is a unique, albeit made up of different parts, with
l ‘intention of creating a feedback between:
or environment, tools used, subject and method,
or so as to facilitate learning.

EDUCATIONALAB, involves the use of various equipment and a specific technology, its potential lies in the way in which technological tools and technology are made to dialogue among themselves within a “learning environment”.

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