Participation in invitations digital school


As you know a few months ago came the calls promoted by the Ministry of Education and school turned to digital publishing. The calls are part of the broader framework of interventions under the Plan “Digital School” Action “Publishing Digital Learning” which represents a further step forward in the promotion and development of educational technology in the school.

The above initiative aims at the realization and subsequent acquisition of a product that: allows the protagonists of the educational process to interact effectively with modern digital technologies and media, and to experiment with new content and mode of study and construction of knowledge; is designed with a view of transversality with respect to the different academic disciplines and capable of addressing a substantial proportion of the curriculum; is functional to the achievement of knowledge, skills and abilities and contribute effectively to the implementation / organization of new learning environments.

Educationalab, in adherence to its mission decided to participate, for us these calls represented the first test for a job now that we were working on for several years. We participated with the conviction shared by all staff that this does not represent or rather, would have represented a point of arrival but a point of departure. In them we directed our knowledge, our approach to school 2.0, our vision of an education as possible, improved and an improvement, in close cooperation with the new digital technologies.

Our method conducive to learning, our eLearning platform, the cloud on which we have focused from the start, our media, which have never been simple PDF, in our vision of digital book, have led us to win three of these notices at national level, having now the opportunity to test, enhance and improve everything done so far, in order to always be able to move a little more forward the bar of knowledge and learning.

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