Teaching Units

A few words about us


We are a young and dynamic company that takes care of e-learning, learning environments and digital content, having as its main reference the world of the school. From the beginning we have set ourselves the goal of understanding how technology and new media would have affected the teaching and learning at the same time. The second step was to structure an environment conducive to learning. We have created, through constant research of new technology and a new method of learning, teaching content to exceed the limit, the introduction of new instruments (Lim, Tablet), met in the current world of education: that of not being able to get a real interaction between the environment and pupils, students and teachers and between teachers and pupils instruments. Today we are able to offer integrated solutions to high-tech and functional, in order to respond to the growing demand for dynamic learning and multimedia, in constant synergy with new technologies and new devices. All this leads us to a constant search always aimed at the creation of a learning process that is everywhere, at all times, available to anyone. We believe that the use of new technologies, integrated with a new learning environment and to his method will allow people to entry into the knowledge society.


Learning Platform

Educationalab chose ClassLink LaunchPad ™ as the best tool for teaching. 2

Digital Book

The DigitalBook we realize, is the result of years of experimentation and research on how the textbook can be transformed and used on the new media in order to improve and facilitate learning. 3

Digital Content

Our digital content are the result of careful research and accurate, always done in synergy with those that are the needs of teachers and pupils, but never apart from those that have the potential that new technologies can make to learning. 4


The acronym refers to the DSA Specific Learning Disorders.