Towards a Euro-Portfolio and the skills and qualifications for all

& Lifelong learning Lifelong mobility The system “lifelong learning” and “lifelong mobility” costituiscono a single integrated system, in which a part of the system favors the other; The “lifelong learning” should be accessible to all, and as such, the system makes it easier for everyone to enter and stay in the knowledge-based society and social market economy; The “lifelong learning” – “lifelong mobility” contributes significantly to substantiate the ideal and the value of “European citizenship”, promoting the full exercise by all ages in each of their lives. The Euro and Portfolio can be seen as the missing link in the system “lifelong learning” – “lifelong mobility” On the “side lifelong learning ” of the combination is a tool to document and publish the knowledge, skills, abilities and qualifications of each European citizen; On the “side lifelong mobility ” is a tool to transfer the evaluation recognition of accreditation and certification of the knowledge, skills, abilities and qualifications of each European citizen by a system of education, training and European professional to another. This allows the maximum mutual recognition within the European Union profiles of education, training and professional (learning profile) of all, that promotes lifelong mobility all in the social, cultural, educational, training and the world of work. In this way, it becomes axiomatic principle: much more learning profiles of all, as a result of the process of lifelong learning of each, are recognized by the systems of education, training and professional European much more makes it easier to lifelong mobility much more allows the person and the community of people to exercise their right to citizenship in a European knowledge-based society and a social market economy. In this way, the Euro e-Portfolio can be viewed as a valuable tool to ensure maximum “portability transnational” of its “learning profile” . Lifelong Mobility & Democracy Democracy promotes and encourages the permanent mobility. With the permanent mobility exercises and defends democracy. Writes one of the fathers of modern democracy: “In centuries aristocrats every nation, like every individual, inclined to keep property and separate from all other . In the centuries Democrats, however, the extreme mobility of men and their impatient desires make them constantly change of place and push the inhabitants of different countries to mingle, see, listen and copied each other. Not only that, therefore, the members of a nation are similar, but the nations themselves are assimilated and together they form the viewer’s eye a wide democracy , whose citizens are peoples. This provides for the first time in full light the figure of the human race. “ (Alexis de Tocqueville, Democracy in America, Volume II, Library Universale Rizzoli, 1982, p. 469). Euro e-Portfolio The Euro and Portfolio also offers the advantage of putting in fitting together the three systems analyzed carefully by the European Union: the Europass system ; the system KSC (knowledge, skills, competences) for the certification of knowledge, skills and basic skills; the qualifications system EQF (European Qualifications Framework) the European Qualifications Framework for lifelong learning, ECTS (European Credit Transfer System ) and ECVET (European Credit Transfer System forVocational Education and Training) , as shown in the diagram below (Graph 1). Immagine6 Europass For further information:

KSC = Knowledge, Skills, Competences The Italian school system places the system KSC, Europass

KSC = Knowledge, Skills, Competences The Italian school system places the system KSC, for the assessment, recognition and certification of knowledge, skills and basic skills within the standard obligation of education.

EQF = European Qualification Framework ECTS=European Credit Transfer System ECVET = European Credit Transfer System for Vocational Education and Training The model that we propose identifies Euro and Portfolio is tool of personal documentation, evaluation, recognition and certification of its learning profile in the context and for the purposes of systems Europass, KSC, EQF, ECTS and ECVET, is online platform on which anyone can publish for free and keep their learning profiles, or personal items useful to the process of documentation, evaluation, recognition and certification of their knowledge, skills and abilities of the basis of their qualifications and the purpose of the transfer of shares between the States of the European Union. The Euro-Porfolio and is at once the instrument and the web platform with which, in a totally free, you can publish online and constantly updated his profile learning . It is particularly useful, on the one hand, to anyone who has an interest in promoting himself, highlighting their skills and their qualifications, their cultural heritage, social and professional; is useful, on the other hand, achiunque, especially in the world of universities and companies have an interest in acquiring cultural profiles, social and professional candidates to teaching, research and work. The Euro e-Portfolio makes your learning profile visible to the world and moved from one education and training system to another within the European Union, contributing largely to facilitate transnational mobility, above tAll the world of work . Immagine7 Axis 1 – Axis of processes and learning outcomes: knowledge, skills and abilities; Axis 2 – Axis of the types of learning: formal, non-formal, informal; Axis 3 – The time axis: learning and mobility throughout life. Context: Environment conducive to learning and mobility. Resultant: Process of a person’s growth in knowledge, skills and abilities. Each point on the resulting defines its Dynamic Personal Learning Profile. Statement Summary: “The process of growth in knowledge, skills and abilities of each person takes place throughout life in an environment conducive to formal, non-formal and informal citizenship guaranteed by the European mobility. “ With the model of Euro-Portfolio and we propose you can locate the point on the resultant where each person is at every stage of its growth in knowledge, skills and abilities. Given that the analysis will be reported for each axis, and therefore for the same result, the 8 EQF levels described by the European Union in the European Qualifications Framework for lifelong learning (download the brochure the leaflet ) the resulting description may be synthesized and expressed in decimal numerical values ​​also. Especially since these numerical values ​​coincide with those expressed by the resulting points or they will approach, the more the process of growth in knowledge, skills and abilities can be said to be harmonious and progressive. The numerical value identified along the resulting or close to it express the dynamic personal learning profile of a person to a certain point in its process of growth in knowledge, skills and abilities . The following graphs show the results in a group of newly graduated students: Immagine8 Immagine9 LINKS For the experimental platform and Euro-Portfolio: Example 1:

Example 2:

For the environment conducive to learning: