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Our Teaching Units are designed to build a path that finds its fulfillment in overcoming the conception “linearista” and “abstract” of programming and learning. The goal is to make the teaching units lead to a learning experience, they are in fact made ​​by identifying the skills and knowledge to develop, but even taking this well what are the educational goals to be achieved. 3


Educationalab thanks to the support of teachers and experts, he immediately decided to put their skills in the field of eLearning services and support to those who must constantly deal with this issue: teachers, students, parents. Educationalab realized specific teaching units designed to develop the learning pupils who have this type of disorder.


Educationalab addition to working for several years on the environment conducive to learning, studying what are the dynamics favor it and what are the dynamics that inhibit it, is now working on the implementation and creation of multimedia educational content. Our books are all interactive and multimedia services, which provide the teacher and the pupil a real interaction with the text.


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