Digital Book

The DigitalBook we realize, is the result of years of experimentation and research on how the textbook can be transformed and used on the new media in order to improve and facilitate learning. From the moment we were focused our research on a book which transcends the idea of the book was mixed and fully interactive, multimedia, excluding any form of PDF. The DigitalBook goes beyond the page and redefines the concept of learning, making it an engaging and dynamic. They have a rich array of multimedia and interactive. Each book allows you to get into a real educational social network, thanks to virtual classes, which can be handled by teachers to communicate and share resources with students, chat and comments. Each book gives the possibility to the student and the teacher to work on the text, do exercises and evaluate the learning ability of the student by means of reports that are constantly monitored by the teachers. The volumes are enriched with an apparatus and video workshop at the highest level and with the maximum resolution of the image. The feature that animates our volumes is to be made going to listen to the needs of teachers, their needs, what it really is necessary for the boys to learn and improve so their knowledge. The DigitalBook is a multimedia and interactive volume made of editable pages, with hundreds of images, audio, video, analysis, formulas, concept maps, tests and exercises, glossaries and text hyphenation dl, advanced search functions in the content, possibilities save to highlight, annotate, and share their work both at school and from home.

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